I am so very excited to announce Romantic Shorts’ return to the land of the living.

Check out our Reading Room today for our latest short story, The Dog, The Dame, and The Dick, by BC,Canada native Geoff LaCasse. A quick trip to pre-WWII Portugal will have us all feeling right as rain in no time. Welcome to Geoff, and welcome back to all of our Romantic Shorts family!

I’d also like to thank, with all the sincerity and love I can muster, all of you who stood by me, messaged me, encouraged me, through the darkest of my days. They can insist all they want that all this technology pulls us apart. Fact is, I’ve met so many new friends online – friends whose words of support and understanding have meant the world to me. How incredibly lucky I am to return to such compassion and warmth. Thank you all!

Now go check out Geoff’s story. It’s a good one.


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Success and a Happy Dance!

And so I’ve done it! At the risk of having someone point out some sneaky glitch that may have craftily escaped my careful and meticulous attention – which would be most helpful, by the way – Romantic Shorts is once again up and running at full speed. Updated, linked, and cobwebs removed, it’s all set to begin again.

The relief is beyond satisfying. The sense of accomplishment is quite gratifying. And my overall impression of the quality of the site is much higher that I remember it being previously. Reading page after page, story after story, with the fresh eyes of a long break and a stronger soul, I’m feeling very proud of all of us! We’re really building something quite remarkable. Yay us!!

Now, finally, it’s time to brew the coffee, pull out the favourite blanket, and spend the rest of the winter reading through manuscripts. I’ll be starting from the bottom of the pile. Some are woefully neglected, and I’m fighting some serious remorse and guilt over that. Their authors deserve recognition of both their talents and their patience; I’ll be trying to set that straight with them as I go. With the great luck I’ve come to expect, their stories will all be of the best quality, and I’ll at least be able to hide my shortcomings behind some good news!

First, just a couple more cartwheels. Then off to work!!



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Great Customer Service

Through my efforts to get Romantic Shorts back on track, I looked into installing a new theme for the site, and tried one I found at themeisle.com

After all was said and done, I decided to stick with WordPress’s Twenty Eleven for now, but not before having a few interesting conversations with the customer service reps at Theme Isle.themeisle

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for their help, and shout out kudos on the excellent customer service I received from everyone I dealt with. Working online, and with companies you often have to take at their word, you never really know what you’re getting. Ionut, Alexandra, and Madalin were each and all of great assistance and were a pleasure to work with.

Down the road, as I opt to renovate – and you know how I love to change things up regularly – I’ll definitely be going back to Theme Isle first.

Thanks Isle Pirates!


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